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About Me

Kristen has been with our office for 2.5 years. She started her real-estate journey working as sales consultant before moving onto property management. Always having a passion for real-estate Kristen loves being kept up to date with the property world and the kind people meet she meets along the way.

Kristen is our maintenance and routine co-ordinator. She inspects all rental property’s every 4 months to ensure they are being kept to the highest of standard. She conducts the routine reports which are forwarded onto the landlords. She handles all maintenance related enquiries in our office and works closely with landlords, tenants, & tradesman directly to resolve all matters promptly. Kristen thrives on maintaining and contributing towards a well- run and maintained rent roll and is a motivated conscientious member of our team. Kristen spends her time outside the office with her Partner, Friends and Family. She’s a camping, traveling and car enthusiast at heart.



What our staff had to say about Kristen:

Kristen has great client knowledge, working very closely with tenants and landlords, she goes out of her way to meet everyone’s needs. Being the face of maintenance services, her job contributes heavily to the overall image of PRD Ashmore. She has a fair and genuine approach when dealing with our clients which Is an extremely respectable trait.  

Kristen has a very friendly and bubbly personality. She has a wonderful sense of humour, we find her laughing at just about anything. She is meticulous and ensures everything she does is done to the absolute best of her ability. Kristen’s middle name is RELIABLE! She approaches every day with a smile on her face regardless of her every growing workload! Kristen has an incredible work ethic, always in before anyone, she’s the early bird in the office working away and going above and beyond what is expected of her.

Kristen works in a role that not just anyone can do. She has an extremely vital role in our office, managing complaints, needs and requests can be tiring. She’s the middle woman often caught in high demands between landlords, tenants & trades company’s requests. In amongst all the chaos of the many properties we have on our rent roll, Kristen somehow always has the energy to cater for everyone and always finds a way to maintain her prompt customer service skills, and immaculate professionalism.  Kristen is very likable, always shedding the light to dark moments she’s not afraid to have a laugh at herself and is always very professional. She takes her role in the office seriously and as a result is an integral part of the PM department. Her kind heart and positive energy is refreshing to have in the office and her hard work certainly does not go un-noticed. You’ll also catch her snapping up all the good deals when it comes to online beauty shopping.

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