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Stephanie Richmond-Board

Stephanie Richmond-Board

Senior Property Manager

About Stephanie

Stephanie has been a part of the PRD Ashmore team since 2007! With her love of interacting and connecting with the public combined with her keen interest in property, she quickly fell in love with the real-estate industry and has never looked back!

Working in the Property Management department as a Senior Property Manager has given her extensive knowledge and a truckload of experience in all things Property Management.

Outside of work Steph is 100% invested in her family and spends her weekends adventuring around the Gold Coast creating valuable memories with her husband, children and much loved family Dog!

What our staff had to say about Stephanie: 

Stephanie is caring, outgoing and overall hilarious. She loves to crack a good joke. Whether we’re laughing with her, or laughing at her, she always keeps the office energy high and always has a killer comeback up her sleeve ready for fire. She’s always in a good mood no matter the situation and brings a smile to everyone’s faces. She has a beautifully positive outlook on life which shows out in her day to day work skills. Being a Mum to 3 beautiful children, she has a great balance between work and home life. She is always there to help and guide anyone that needs it. Having been with PRD for a long time, she’s holds great knowledge about legislation, work place procedures and office duties.

With Steph having very particular duties, it is evident how important her role with PRD is. Being in her position for some time, she is very good at what she does. Having Fridays off to be a Mum – her absence in the office is very noticeable. She is highly valued and is a very important part of our team.