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Tenant Information

What you can expect when you rent through PRD

We Care For Our Tenants

Our philosophy is that tenants are our business! Without you, we have no business. For this reason, it is more important than ever that we value, respect and care for your needs. We don’t want you to feel like outsiders, but part of our business. We understand that you deserve our immediate attention with requests and deserve to be greeted with a friendly, courteous smile at all times.

Our Customer Services Standards Are:

  • To present to you well-maintained and clean properties
  • To process tenancy applications within 48 hours
  • To clearly explain your rights and obligations at the commencement of the tenancy
  • To prepare all documentation in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act
  • To prepare a detailed condition report and inventory list if applicable
  • To collect a full rental bond prior to the tenant receiving the keys
  • To respond to your telephone calls within 24 hours
  • To respond to fax and email requests within 48 hours
  • To attend to complaints promptly and to listen and understand both sides’ points of view
  • To attend to maintenance promptly in accordance with priority
  • To keep all appointments and turn up on time (extreme circumstances prevailing)
  • To carry out regular property inspections and forward a detailed report to our lessor
  • To protect your privacy in accordance with legislation requirements
  • To ensure that you have quiet enjoyment of your home
  • To provide you with a quality service based on honesty, integrity and professionalism
  • To not make excuses, but provide solutions

We Want To Delight You With Our Service

If you have any questions relating to the application or sign up process, please feel welcome to contact our office.

Obligations of a Tenant

Your responsibilities as a tenant

You have responsibilities to the lessor/agent of the property.  You must ensure you:

  • Meet your responsibilities under the agreement:
    • pay the rent on time and in the way written in your agreement
    • abide by the terms of your agreement and any body corporate by-laws that apply
    • fell the lessor/agent if you damage the premises (accidentally or otherwise)
    • follow the rules set out by the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008

Respect your new home:

  • use the premises mainly as your home, unless otherwise agreed
  • do no use your home for any illegal purpose
  • do not cause a nuisance, or seriously affect the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of your neighbours
  • keep any inclusions (eg. the stove) clean
  • make sure you or your guests do not deliberately damage the premises
  • be responsible for your behaviour and that of your guests