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Inspection Day

Preparing your property for inspection day

When the inspection day arrives, there are a few last minute touches that can add atmosphere and increase interest in your property.

  • People often use fresh flowers, brewed coffee and baked bread to generate interest and emotion in prospective buyers. Be sure to utilise these tools if you feel that adding such finishing touches will add value at your open inspection.  
  • Arrange for pets such as cats and dogs to be off-site on inspection days. Potential buyers could be allergic or more often frightened of the family pet lazing in the back yard.
  • Last minute tasks like storing toys, tidying bedrooms, clearing dishes and removing washing from the clothesline creates space and the sense of cleanliness. 
  • Your PRD agent will arrive before the inspection to collect keys and have a final once-over of your property before showing buyers through. It’s best for you to leave during inspection time — buyers might be put off knowing the owner is nearby. Take the time to go for a walk or enjoy a coffee in celebration of your hard work.
  • When you return, your PRD agent will provide an overview of how many groups attended your inspection, and which parties expressed a keen interest in your property. The negotiation process will begin when interested parties make an offer, and all your efforts in preparing your property for sale will come to fruition.

On the morning of the inspection:

  • Give each room a quick tidy, put dishes away, empty the bins and vacuum or sweep if necessary.
  • Let as much natural light in as possible and keep lights or lamps switched on in the living areas.
  • Add a vase of flowers and a bowl of fruit to the living area to create a homely and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Make sure it's not too hot or too cold indoors - turn on the heater or air conditioner if necessary.
  • Remove your valuables.

Don't hang around - leave the meeting and greeting to your PRD Agent.