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Top 5 no-cost things you can do to help your house sell faster

You’ve made the decision to sell. You’ve signed with your agent and you’re no doubt busily cleaning windows and pruning bushes to show your property in it’s best light. Your agent will also be busy, booking ads, listing your property on websites and connecting with their contact base of potential buyers.

However while all this activity is going on, there are a number of other no cost things you could be doing to increase the chances of selling your property at the right price and in a timely fashion: 

1. Go nuts on social media

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat – whatever your preferred platform, hit it with short, sharp, punchy information about the sale of your property and include a wide range of eye-catching photos. Social media is not the place to drone on,  but do talk about the happiness this property has brought you, and if appropriate, the reason you’re selling (growing family needs more space, empty-nesters downsizing, moving closer to work or schools, for example). Always include a link to your listing on your agent’s website so that anyone interested can get more information immediately. Actively encourage your social media friends to share your posts with their friend networks and you’ll increase your reach exponentially.

2. Access all areas

Clean up around the foundations and immediate perimeter of your house. Serious buyers will want to check these areas for signs of termite damage, cracked foundations and rising damp. If these areas are obstructed by overgrown vegetation, sheds or outdoor bric-a-brac, your potential buyer may have to schedule a second visit and the possibility of them losing interest in the meantime is real. For the same reasons always ensure sheds, garages, granny flats and spare rooms are unlocked when potential buyers come to inspect and that remote controls for garage doors and gates are working and have fully charged batteries.

3. Shoo fly

You know those shop assistants who buzz around like annoying mosquitos, asking mindless questions from the moment you set foot in the store? Irritating aren’t they. Don’t be like them with potential buyers. Better yet, find something else to do during open houses or buyer inspections and leave the hosting responsibilities to your experienced agent. Some buyers feel uncomfortable asking the hard but necessary questions with the current owner loitering in the background - they don’t want to cause offence. Everyone, including yourself, will feel much more at ease if you grab a good book and hit the beach for a few hours. Think of it as a well-deserved break.

4. Be realistic on the price

You don’t have to be a property genius to know that if you drop your price, your house will sell faster. You would be a rare bird indeed if you didn’t want to get top dollar for your property, but if your asking price is too  high you run the risk of scaring off any potential buyers. Do your research – it’s so easy these days with sites like and Domain – but also listen to what your agent has to say. They have their finger on the pulse of your local area and may know information about the local market that the internet does not.

5. First impressions count

You’ve scrubbed your house from ceiling fan to skirting board. Rooms have been decluttered, flowers arranged and that freshly baked cookie smell is wafting from the oven. Good job. However in order to appreciate all your hard work, buyers must first get from the kerb outside to the threshold within. So don’t forget about your front yard. It’s not unknown for buyers heading to an open house to keep driving after seeing the dishevelled state of a property’s entrance. Make sure that your front yard is mowed, trimmed and free of dead plants, excess vehicles and things that belong in the shed or garage. Make your entrance look welcoming and potential buyers will be drawn to your door.

If you've made the decision to sell, contact one of the experienced sales executives at PRD Burleigh Heads on 5535 4499 or for more advice on how to sell your home sooner.