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A Guide to Rental Property Routine Inspections

Routine inspections help to protect your property, ensuring the tenants are adhering to their lease agreement and maintaining your property in the best possible way. They also help your property manager flag any small potential maintenance issues before they become large problems. PRDNationwide are the leading property management team landlords trust with their rental properties in Canberra. Let’s have a look at routine inspections and why they are so important for both landlord and tenant alike. 

What Is a Routine Inspection?

A routine inspection is a visual check of a rental property that a property manager will complete to ensure the tenants are following the conditions of their lease and maintaining the home appropriately. Conducted throughout the lease period to ensure there is no damage or other issues in the property, an inspection is not a judgement on how tidy the home is, but rather to ensure the property is kept in a clean and undamaged state and take note of any potential maintenance issues.

What Are the Main Benefits of Routine Inspections?

The biggest benefit of routine inspection is to check the tenant is maintaining the property properly, and therefore maintaining the investment of the owner. It provides the chance to document any maintenance, damages, and/or repairs on the rental property, and to ensure the owner or tenant don’t end up paying for costs that aren’t their responsibility.

Inspections also give tenants that chance to communicate face-to-face any issues they have. This ensures they feel heard and builds trust with the property manager which can be a key to retaining tenants who always pay rent on time, cause minimal damage to the property, and renew their lease multiple times.

What Does a Property Manager Look Out for During the Inspection?

During an inspection, the property manager will not only assess the condition in which the tenants are keeping the home, but also the overall state of the property. Some things they will look at and assess include:

·       That the grounds are being maintained in a clean and tidy condition (things like mowing, weed removal and lawn watering)

·       Ensuring there is no damage to walls, floors and ceilings

·       That there are no more people living in the home than what is specified on the rental agreement

·       Making sure no pets are living at the property unless they’re allowed to

·       That any maintenance issues identified can be looked at

·       They will also keep an eye out for any unlawful behaviour, including drug lab indicators 

How Often Will a Property Manager Perform a Routine Inspection?

Each state has its own regulations on how often landlords or property managers are allowed to conduct routine inspections, but generally it is recommended that they are performed twice a year.

Can the Landlord Attend the Inspection Too?

Yes, of course. Landlords are encouraged to attend at least one routine inspection per year to check up on their investment and view any wear and tear. Your property manager will arrange a suitable time that suits all parties and let the tenant know you will be attending, too.

What Is Included in the Inspection Report?

The property manager will document all maintenance, wear and tear and/or damages in their inspection reports, as well as include photo evidence and additional notes including anything the tenants need to rectify for either a re-inspection, or the next inspection. They will also document any potential maintenance the tenant would like to report, or they observe. This report is then given to the landlord. They can then arrange any repairs or maintenance or discuss any issues they have with the condition of the property.

Regular inspections and ensuring repairs and maintenance issues in the property are addressed and resolved as quickly as possible are in the best interest of both the landlord and the tenant. Routine inspections are not only essential for maintaining the value and longevity of the home, but also vital in attracting and keeping high quality tenants.

If you are thinking of leading out your home or rental property in Canberra and want to make sure it’s in the best hands possible, we’d love to help you, get in touch with the PRDNationwide property management team on (02) 6262 5232 or send us an enquiry online.