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What Type of Maintenance or Repairs Are Included in The Contract for My Rental Property?

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Owning a rental property is an important long term investment and you need to ensure you're always protected when leasing out your property. Not only do you need reliable tenants who will pay you on time, but tenants who will look after your property as if it is their own. On the other hand, those looking to rent, want to be assured that they are leasing a high quality property which has been maintained to a high standard. If you have an investment property in Canberra or if you are looking for properties for rent in Canberra or surrounds, PRDNationwide are the property managers who provide expert services for both landlords and tenants. Here we will explore what type of repairs and maintenance is and isn't included in a lease agreement.

Prior to Move In

It is important that the property is in excellent condition prior to a tenant moving in. So plumbing, heating, electrical, gas and supplied services must be in working order. There must be running water including access to a functioning toilet, shower and sink. All building codes must be adhered to.

Tenants Maintenance Responsibilities

While it is essential that landlords offer a rental property that has been maintained to a certain standard, tenants have an ongoing obligation to maintain certain aspects of the property too. This includes:

  • A requirement to dispose of all garbage correctly and not let it pile up. Excess rubbish could create a health and safety issue. The property must be kept in a clean and sanitary condition to prevent pest infestations and breathing issues.
  • Never remove batteries or tamper with smoke detectors.
  • Prevent mould growth by turning on the fan in the bathroom, opening windows etc
  • Ensure all plumbing fixtures are kept clean to prevent rust, soap scum build-up and only used for their intended purpose.
  • Fully maintain the landlord’s appliances and use them only for their intended purpose.
  • The tenant must notify the property manager as soon as possible of any maintenance required and do what they can to provide any further damage.

Landlords Maintenance/Repairs Responsibilities

The landlord has two main categories under this, urgent and routine.


The tenant may request an urgent repair for any of the following:

  • Burst water service
  • Blocked water service
  • Serious roof leak
  • Gas leak
  • Dangerous electrical fault
  • Storm or fire damage
  • Flood damage

The property manager or landlord must organise the repairs to be performed as soon as possible. It is always recommended for tenants to put the request in writing as well as via a telephone call. If the tenant is unable to contact the landlord or property manager, they can organise and pay for the repairs, however the landlord is obliged to reimburse the tenant within 7 days.


Some items that fall under routine maintenance that would be a cost to the landlord include:

  • Maintenance to prolong the life of building structures, such as timber decks
  • Upkeep of tap hardware and washers
  • Resealing and re-grouting of showers and tiles
  • Patching and painting of walls

These types of maintenance and repairs should be tended to by the landlord when possible, however it is not essential that they are undertaken immediately.

In the contract for a rental property, it is clearly outlined where responsibility for particular issues falls. For example, let’s look at a window. If a tenant breaks it by throwing a ball through it, they are responsible and must pay for the repairs. However, if a window falls out of the frame due to ageing putty, that should fall under wear and tear and the property manager/owner will be liable for the repairs under the contract.

Rental Properties Canberra

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, our highly knowledgeable team at PRDNationwide can assist you with expert advice on a range of rental concerns or enquiries. If you're looking at Canberra properties for rent or if you are considering a new manager for your investment property, feel free to call us today on (02) 6262 5232 or send us an enquiry online.