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Christmas Wrapping Inspiration

Up your Christmas wrapping this year with some of these creative gift wrapping ideas!

The Rustic Look

Instead of a ribbon, use a sprig from a plant in your garden attached by twine or ribbon. Looks gorgeous when accompanied by brown paper wrapping.

The FuroshikiTechnique

The Japanese Furoshikitechnique doesn’t require tape, only a small piece of fabric. It involves binding the material around the gift and tying at the top with a not. If you have some appropriate fabric you are not using this can be a great eco-friendly option. You can also add a sprig, holly or other decorations for the finishing touch. Watch a video tutorial here.

Eco Friendly Wrapping

Personalise With A Photo

Give your gifts a personalised touch by affixing a photo to the front with some twine or ribbon. Find some beautiful Christmas images to print out, or find a great photo memory of you and the gift receiver for an extra special touch.

Seal It With Something Sweet

Add a candy can to your gift for a touch of sweet.

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