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Jeff Mendoza Memorial

Jeff-Mendoza.jpg1st September 1978 - 15th November 2014

Jeff joined the family business in June 2002 after returning from active service in East Timor with the Royal Australian Navy. His passion for helping people, systems and procedures and genuine caring nature has been the backbone of the business since his passing.

 Once Jeff had employed his ideas into the rental side of our business it grew from 450 properties to 1100 properties within a few short years. We still continue to use Jeff’s systems today and his legacy of high customer service qualities all live on within the team. It’s this passion, to make life better for people the reason our family business is the market leader in property management today.

The Jeff Mendoza Memorial Account

The Brain and Mind Research Institute at the University of Sydney has established a special fund focused on the advancement of mental health and suicide prevention among young men. It is hoped that through donations a scholarship in Jeff’s name will be established. The University will discuss with the Mendoza family how the funds donated in memory of Jeff can be best used.

Jeff Mendoza Memorial Account

We are also proud to share this Conversations for life® Apps information with you. The app helps so many people.

Are you worried about someone’s wellbeing, stress and mental health?
Want to have a conversation with your friend, family member or colleague to tell them that you care, and help them to identify strategies that can help, but don’t know where to start?
The Conversations for life® app provides a step by step guide to help you plan that conversation.

  1. Learn why having a Conversation for life® earlier rather than later is so important.
  2. Understand the principles of a Conversation for life®.
  3. Use the step by step guide to prepare a conversation plan.
  4. Summarise why you are concerned and identify where and when you can meet.
  5. Include the words and skills you wish to use in your conversation plan.
  6. Identify support systems and coping strategies to help your friend, family member or colleague stay safe ad connected and to improve their mental health and wellbeing.
  7. Reference your plan to increase your confidence and to guide the conversation.
  8. See guidelines for what to do should it be a crisis, when your friend is having suicidal thoughts.

Conversations for life® is based on extensive research and evidence in mental health, suicide prevention, symptoms of depression, adult learning and social communications.
ConNetica is a member of Lifeboat®, a group of committed organisations to increase suicide prevention awareness and skills in organisations and individuals.
The Lifeboat® team includes recognised experts in suicide prevention, mental illness, social welfare, and workplace wellness who have joined together to provide courses and programs to make a difference.