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We pride ourselves on providing innovative marketing ideas combined with leading-edge PropTech. We are always trying new things because we know that every day we need to raise the bar just a little higher. We never lose sight of our ‘PRD Advantage’ and central to it, is our people and our clients. 

As a team, we work to ensure a seamless experience for clients in local markets and across our national network. Our clients are part of the PRD team and integral to our ‘Smarter’ approach. At PRD we understand there’s no substitute for the commitment, knowledge and experience of our people. 

What guides us is a ‘Smarter’ approach – Sell, Buy, Rent and Lease Smarter with PRD!

The PRD Competitive Advantage Includes 6 Key Areas:

1. Colliers

PRD is a Colliers company, a unique connection that no other real estate franchise group has.

2. Research Expertise

Research is in our DNA! We have a commitment to gaining unrivalled insights and this has been one of our key success factors for many decades. it is the essence of who we are. PRD stands for Property, Research & Development.

3. Business & Financial Planning

Experienced business consultants are committed to providing a level of support and knowledge that assists your business to grow and adapt in an ever-changing marketplace.

4. Franchise Territories

We offer geo exclusivity, allowing generous gaps between offices so that our franchisees don’t feel overcrowded.

5. Project marketing

It's one of our foundations and a true strength built on our reputation and track record.

6. United PRD International Real Estate Network

Tap into one of the world’s largest international real estate brands.