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Strata Management

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PRD Strata Norwest – Sydney NSW

We specialise in the set-up and management of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Strata & Community Schemes. Currently we manage complexes from the Central Coast to Taren Point. We provide a comprehensive service for developers from the initial concept stage including assistance with by-laws, insurance and budgeting through to the establishment and ongoing management of the Owners Corporation.


Developers Include:

Capital Corporation, Valad Property Group, Charter Hall, Stockland, Leighton Properties & Platino Properties

Building Value:

In Excess of $2 Billion

Strata Management Director:

Richard Inkster

Strata Payments

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Strata Management

What We Do

  • Act as Secretary and Treasurer of the Owners Corporation and exercise and perform the powers and duties specified in section 22 and 23 of the Strata Schemes Management Act, 1996 (including rendering six monthly levies and statement of account for monies received and expenses incurred on behalf of the Owners Corporation). 
  • Arrange as required by the Owners Corporation normal day-to-day maintenance, repair and replacement of the common property and personal property vested in the Owners Corporation, but excluding any special attendance at the building for this purpose. 
  • Inspect the building and other common property on at least 2 occasions in each year. 
  • Arrange and attend the Annual General Meeting and one other meeting (either general or committee) during any yearly period. 
  • Act (upon request by, or in the absence of, the Chairman) as Chairman of any meeting of the Owners Corporation or its committee. 
  • Ensure that insurances are implemented and promptly renewed in accordance with the Strata Act and make necessary insurance claims. 
  • Keep any wage, income tax or other records required by any law from time to time in respect of any employees or contractors of the Owners Corporation and complete and submit any returns in respect thereof. 
  • Disburse monies in accordance with the Strata Act and the terms of this Agreement. 
  • Maintain the records of the Owners Corporation required by law. 
  • Prepare as necessary budgets and reports and keep all records necessary to facilitate such preparation. 
  • Provide, so far as is reasonable, general advice and assistance to the Owners Corporation and the members of its committee.
  • Have possession and care for the records and documents of the Owners Corporation. 
  • Implement credit control procedures in respect of maintenance contributions and advise regarding records. 
  • Have custody of the common seal and attest its affixation for the purpose of exercising or performing any of the powers, authorities, duties or functions conferred or imposed by the terms of the Agreement. 
  • Generally implement the decisions of the Owners Corporation and its committee. 
  • Comply with any laws from time to time applying to Strata Managing Agents.

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