Helensvale Property Watch Q4 2013

The Helensvale area is undergoing a period of significant investment and will become an integral component of the Gold Coast transit network over the coming years. Buyers are attracted to the ongoing development within region as well as its infrastructure and amenities and central location relative to Brisbane and the Gold Coast employment hubs.

With Brisbane and the Gold Coast forecast to follow the lead set by Sydney and Melbourne in 2013 investors have begun to search for greater perceived value in well located lifestyle suburbs such as Helensvale.

The Helensvale median house price has generally trended within the range of $483,375 +/- 6.9 per cent since the six months to October 2008. This post-Global Financial Crisis (GFC) period has been characterised by a heightened level of volatility in both median price and transaction volume. Over the five year period from October 2008 to October 2013 the average capital growth on residential housing resales was approximately 2.1 per cent across 1,244 transactions. The average holding period was 4.5 years.

The median unit price has generally exhibited a high degree of volatility and trend analysis of this measure provides limited insight as to the overall direction of the local market for this property type. This is most likely a result of the development and specification of new stock and market timing of releases. Unit capital growth over the five years to October 2013 averaged 3.5 per cent.