Ingleburn Research Factsheet 2nd Half of 2018

Softer growth experienced in Ingleburn house prices is reflective of Sydney’s cooling growth levels, providing increased affordability. Buyers are urged to act now.

In Q2 2018, the Ingleburn property market recorded a median sale prices of $715,000 (houses) and $516,500 (units), representing an annual (Q2 2017-Q2 2018) price change of 0.7% (houses) and 8.7% (units). Compared to the Ingleburn 1st Half 2018 Research Factsheet, which reported an annual (Q4 2016-Q4 2017) price change of 9.3% (house) and 5.9% (units), houses in Ingleburn has become more affordable whereas units have strengthened.

In Q2 2017-Q2 2018 house prices in the City of Campbelltown Local Government Area (LGA) remained stable at $640,000 for houses and $485,000 for units. Compared to the LGA, Ingleburn represents a more premium market. 

Average vendor discounting for houses has swung from 1.8% to -1.5% over the past 12 months to Q2 2018, further reinforcing the changing state of the house market. Over the same period, the unit market also experienced a widening from -3.6% to -4.7%. This suggests that there is more room for negotiation on final sale prices, something that buyers can take advantage of.

Investors in Ingleburn are benefiting from rental yields of 3.5% (house) and 3.9% (units), which are above that of Sydney Metro’s yields of 2.7% (house) and 3.7% (units). Combined with increased affordability in the housing market investors are strongly encouraged to consider expanding their portfolios into Ingleburn.