Junee Area Property Watch Q2 2014

The following Property Watch is an overview of the historic and current residential market trends of the Junee Area including the postcodes 2663 and 2666 for a ten year period ending March 2014. Junee is a town in the Riverina region of New South Wales whose prosperity has been attributed to agriculture, rail transport, light industry and government services. Essentially, Junee has a manufacturing sector which has evolved with emphasis on steel engineering, meat processing and organic flour.

Junee real estate has built a reputation for affordability, a modern and comprehensive infrastructure and a lifestyle maintaining a balance between work and family. The Local Council of Junee has made housing development a priority making Junee a sought after lifestyle and tourist destination in the Riverina District.

In the Property Watch, the residential market of the Junee Area for a ten year period ending March 2014 is explained and supported.

The Junee Area house market has shown a flourishing capital growth in twelve months to close March 2014. The house market registered a price growth of 14 percent which doubled the five year growth rate for the same period. In the period ending March 2014, even though the price for vacant land fell in six months prior, there was a recorded 14 percent increase when compared to the price one year prior. The house median price stood at $196,000 and the median price for vacant land attained $60,500 in March 2014. The market shares for house and vacant land have improved remarkably with registered figures of 33 percent for house and 50 percent for vacant land in a twelve month period ending March 2014. The house price point chart indicates significant increase in market share for prices between $180,000-279,999 in twelve months to March 2014. These market outcomes indicate the township of Junee is ripe for the savvy investor who is looking for investment opportunities in a promising residential market.