Moss Vale Property Watch Q1 2014

There is evidence of acute affordable housing in Moss Vale and the Local Government Council of Wingecarribee has held several workshops since 2010 in a bid to mapping out a strategic plan to address the issue. This report will attempt to shed light on these issues through analysis of house and vacant land sales cycle.

A look at the house sales cycle shows that in the six month period ending December 2013, 115 transactions were made resulting in a marginally smaller number than the five year average of 118 transactions. This sales consistency has resulted in some median price growth as evidenced by the house price points chart displaying noticeable shifts in the over $450,000 paired with some contraction in the markets under $350,000 since November 2011.

The Moss Vale vacant land market has for the most part tracked parallel with the housing median price over the past five years. However, in the six month period to December 2013, increased disparity between the markets was evidenced, potentially attributed to investor market in the entry level vacant land market, paired with the increased enthusiasm of houses over $450,000 recording 35 per cent market share. There is evidence of unaffordability in the house price point sub group $300-500,000 which could be overturned by providing more affordable houses for residents in the area.