Dry July for a Great Cause

Dry July and why?

Alcohol is a favourite social lubricant. It's a great way of relaxing and unwinding, particularly in the current weather. Therefore, the thought of going alcohol-free this July sounds almost like a punishment to most. But not to our real estate team at PRDNationwide Bungendore. They have signed up to go booze-free for all of July through the Dry July Foundation.

All five members of the team, Dan Woodford, Rachel Munro, Sharon Tutt-Lyons, Georgia Buckley and Chenice Jordan, have decided to teetotal for July to raise funds that will help cancer patients and their families to make a difficult time a little easier.

The Dry July Foundation with the help of its volunteers and participants funds projects and programs that improve the comfort and wellbeing of people affected by cancer. They offer wellness programs, transport services, accommodation, comfort items such as wigs as well as hospital equipment to the patients.

Each of our team members is personally invested in this initiative.  Sharon’s mother, grandmother and grandfather have all been affected by cancer. Chenice suffered the tragic loss of her mother because of cancer. Georgia is doing Dry July because she lost all her grandparents to cancer. Dan believes he can raise awareness and support the team and everyone else who has been affected in some way. So does Rachel, keeping in line with the team spirit.

Giving up alcohol, even for a month, has great benefits. People who participated previously in Dry July said that giving up alcohol for a month helped them reduce their number of drinking days later in the year. Some even reported experiencing a sense of achievement at the end of the alcohol-free month. Many of us know about the health risks of alcohol — seven forms of cancer, liver disease, mental health problems — but we are often unaware that drinking less has more immediate benefits too. Sleeping better, feeling more energetic, saving money, better skin, losing weight... The list goes on.

The team at PRD Bungendore is asking for your support in donations to successfully complete this great initiative. We hope that the Bungendore and surrounding community come together in support to give cancer survivors and those dealing with this disease strength and a chance at a better life.

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