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Property Management Services

Property Management Services

Not happy with the management of your investment? 

Does the owner of your Real Estate Agency manage your property? 

Do they treat your property as they would their own? 

As the owner of PRDnationwide Real Estate - Dapto I am proud to serve in my capacity as Property Manager. To me the management of a client’s investment is far more than just the collection of rent and paying of bills. 

Hi I’m Jeremy Tillman and together with Madison Sequeira we are proud and passionate about the services that we offer. Our goal is to increase our clients wealth and share our  property knowledge with our clients to assist in their journey to successful property investment.

Property Management Team PRDnationwide Real Estate - Dapto

Our procedures and processes are at the forefront of industry standards and we are passionate about innovation and new techniques. 

We are landlords and have been tenants, we have successfully renovated property and built our own portfolio and its our joy to share information on how you too can do this. We just happen to be great Property Managers and like so many other industries, it’s the little extras we do that set us apart.

When you join our team, we help all our clients;  

  • Find suitable properties that will not only get good rental returns but we find you properties that are high in capital growth areas
  • We ensure that your property is maintained to a high standard so that when you wish to sell, it upholds its value
  • We share with you how you can increase your rental return and how to increase the value of your property so you have more equity to use for other things
  • We provide information on ways you can increase your tax benefits form owning an investment property
  • We put clients on a  VIP list so that they are able to get access to new investment opportunities before they get released to the general public
  • Our team will keep you updated on how much your investment property is currently worth and let you know about changes in the market that may affect the price of your home so you can make the right decision about when to sell your investment property. 

We are not just looking after your property for today we are managing your property to make sure that your financial future is taken care of. 

We would welcome you to join our family and would love to share with you how passionate we are about increasing our clients property wealth. Call and find out more, or come in and have a chat.

Download our Property Management Brochure to find out what services we offer, or alternatively send us an enquiry through the form below

Property Management Services Brochure