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At PRDnationwide Laurieton, we love to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to what is happening in our local market. Keeping track of local trends and suburb growth is a crucial asset we obtain when determining the value of a property.

As a purchaser, home owner, investor, renter or even the if you just have a casual interest in real estate, these fact and figures could determine where your next move might be or where you may look invest next in our property market. As you can see, over on the right and side we have an abundance of suburbs in which we actually provide YOU with some insight into the world of real estate in the Camden Haven region and what you may expect when looking to buy or sell.


You may be wondering, what does this affect have on me. At PRDnationwide, our three core letters "PRD" stands for Property Research Development. This means that we are always looking for ways to stay on top of property development and we can then assess into the trends of what may occur in the future to provide you with an all encompassing assessment on when would be the best time to sell or purchase. 

As a buyer, you want your agent to be on top of the market and seek out what homes are great value and what homes are overpriced. This information can aid in doing that for yourself but if you wish to have full insights, we highly suggest you give us a call and let us put in the hard yards for you and we can pick out a select few homes for you to make a final decision. This will allow you to save the most amount as you can, be living in the dream home you thought never was possible and also increase your re-sale value for when you may wish to move down the track in a number of years. If you are a buyer and you wish for the team at PRDnationwide Laurieton to do the hard work for you, click the button below and sign up for our RED ALERT database notifications.

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As a home owner or seller, you want to know that your agent is one that knows his market inside and out. An agent must be able to have a very delicate and intricate knowledge of price so that you are able to maximize your sale price to a level that you never thought was possible. Having this in depth knowledge of the local suburb in which your property is located allows us to make a valid and trustworthy assessment of your home that can be backed up with significant data, just like some of the data shown in the menu on the right hand side. If you are thinking about selling your home now or even in the near or distant future and would like the team at PRDnationwide Laurieton to assist you, click the button below and requested an appraisal from one of our Licensed Real Estate Agents. 

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