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Property Management Newsletter - July 2018

Ensuring Your Property is Compliant - Introducing Smoke Alarm Solutions

In order to comply with legislation, all landlords must ensure their rental property is properly fitted with functioning smoke alarms. Failure to take every practical step to ensure the safety of your tenants and property may result in the dismissal of insurance claims, injury or loss of life.

Though we do check if smoke alarms are working during our routine inspections, we are unable to check the age of smoke alarms or issue the compliance certificate that may be required by your insurance provider. Also note that NSW legislation is likely to follow the much more stringent legislation that is already in place in Queensland, which will leave many rental properties under-protected.

We have recently discovered the great service offered by Smoke Alarm Solutions. For just $99 a year (which is fully tax-deductible) they will carry out unlimited inspections to ensure your property is compliant with current smoke alarm legislation, including cleaning or repositioning the alarms, changing batteries, and even replacing smoke alarms if necessary. They will then issue a compliance certificate for your property, and automatically schedule another check after 12 months to ensure continual compliance.

Smoke Alarms Solutions is the leading provider of smoke alarm maintenance and compliance services in Australia. We get absolutely no benefit for offering this service to our clients other than the knowledge that your property is fully compliant!

Opting-in to this very convenient service is easy—just let us know you’d like us to arrange Smoke Alarm Solutions and we’ll take care of the rest.

Are Council Rates Stressing You Out?

If you’d like to forget all about council rates, we are happy to pay for these from your rent as part of our comprehensive service. We can then automatically invoice the tenant for water consumption if applicable, so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Simply ask the council to forward all notices to PO Box 769 Kyogle 2474.


· Anderson Street, Kyogle—spacious 3
bedroom home, $360 per week

· Saville Street, Geneva—large 3 bedroom home, $350 per week

· Irwin Street, Kyogle—bright home with 2 bedrooms plus sunroom, $315 per week