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PRD Project Marketing

Frank Mazzotta

As the principal of PRD Realty Bexley North, Kingsgrove, Ramsgate Beach and Beverley Hills, Frank is a keen observer of real estate trends, a position strengthened by a dozen or more years of being heavily involved in property investment. This knowledge of the market gives him an edge he puts to work on behalf of clients.

Despite the time demands of running the leading agencies in the St George area, Frank manages to give value back to the industry and the community. He is a respected member of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales and an active supporter of many community groups and organisations.

A self-confessed highly motivated person, Frank constantly strives to hone his professional skills and says personal growth and business excellence can work hand in hand to assist clients. The objective he said is clear; To achieve the best possible market price for a clients most valued possession; their property.

His main goal is to ensure that the business provides a team of highly skilled consultants, who deliver honest, reliable client oriented services with integrity.

Frank says he is proud to be a member of a franchise group that adheres to extremely high ethical standards. Honesty and fairness in all our business dealings is the hallmark of PRD Realty and underpins our position as two of the most outstanding agencies of the entire group.

With the commitment of Frank Mazzotta and the leading agencies in the St George area, looking after your real estate interests you can rest assured you’re in the most professional hands.

Rory Kalos

Rory has long been one of the Real Estate industries most awarded, dynamic and accomplished professionals as both a business owner with twenty five staff and as a sales consultant.

His career spans over three decades and encompasses an extensive and detailed knowledge across every aspect of the industry. With his clients’ needs and circumstances foremost in his mind at all times coupled with an unmatched level of personal and industry experience, Rory brings a sense of calm and confidence rarely found to one of life’s most emotional and challenging times. All his clients, sellers and buyers alike feel secure in the knowledge they are partnering with a true professional who genuinely strives to achieve a premium outcome for them. He warmly welcomes any enquiry you may have with regard to your home or investment no matter how small or large and will always give you the most up to date, relevant and appropriate advice to suit your personal circumstance.

Skills and expertise

* Empathetic to his clients’ needs at all times
* Respectful to every person he meets no matter of their gender, race, age, religion or position in life
* Patient and with an ability to explain difficult information clearly and simply
* Genuinely interested in you and your families wellbeing
* Detailed in everything he does
* Private and Confidential always
* Creative with an ability to see outside the box
* Proven ability to negotiate complex transactions involving multiple clients
* Determination to achieve outstanding results for his clients
* A Passion for Possibilities

Expertise include Investment, Finance, Residential, Commercial and Developments.