Bexley North

7 Shaw Street Bexley North, NSW, 2207

02 9502 2066


Shop 6/215-231 Kingsgrove Road Kingsgrove, NSW, 2208

02 9502 2111

Beverly Hills

Beverley Hills, NSW,

02 9579 6355

Ramsgate Beach

207 Ramsgate Road | Corner of Alfred Street Ramsgate Beach, NSW, 2217

02 9529 4666

Our Team

Frank Mazzotta

Frank Mazzotta

Director, Auctioneer, JP, Licensed Real Estate Agent

Rod Woodward PRD Bexley North.jpg

Rod Woodward

Licensee in Charge Ramsgate Beach Office, JP

Lisa Sherry PRD Ramsgate Beach.png

Lisa Sherry

Licensed Real Estate Agent, JP

Raj Surampalli PRD Bexley North.png

Raj Surampalli

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Grace Liwanag PRD Beverly Hills.jpg

Grace Liwanag

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Lily Thio PRD Kingsgrove.png

Lily Thio

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Gina Alexiou PRD Kingsgrove.png

Gina Alexiou

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Trish Stone PRD Kingsgrove.png

Trish Stone

Business Development Manager

Eloise Bartlett PRD Kingsgrove

Eloise Bartlett

Personal Assistant to Frank Mazzotta

Vanessa Bava PRD Bexley North.jpg

Vanessa Bava

Sales Coordinator

Cassandra Burns

Cassandra Burns

Sales Coordinator

Kate McConnell PRD Bexley North.jpg

Kate McConnell

Property Accounts Manager

Angela Leontios PRD Bexley North.jpg

Angela Leontios

Property Accounts Manager | Licensee in Charge Beverly Hills Office

Nanza Chidiac PRD Bexley North.jpg

Nanza Chidiac

Senior Property Manager

Senior Property Manager

Manson Chan

Senior Property Manager

Ashleigh Sherry PRD Bexley North.jpg

Ashleigh Sherry

Property Manager

Antoaneta Nehma PRD Ramsgate Beach.png

Antoaneta Nehma

Property Manager

Katarina Milosevic PRD Ramsgate Beach

Katarina Milosevic

Leasing Executive

Kayla Ghajar PRD Beverly Hills.jpg

Kayla Ghajar

Leasing Executive


Rana Tanana


Jenny Momitsas PRD Bexley North.jpg

Jenny Momitsas