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Property Management Services

Strata Management

 We are fully geared towards providing the best strata management service and pride ourselves on our exemplary relationships with our clients. Some of our key assets include, but are not limited to:

  •  Stratamaster Software supplied by Rockend, the leader in property software;
  • Online portal accessibility for owners to view their ledgers and strata company financial reports;
  • Strata Community Australia WA Active Membership;
  • REIWA membership;
  • REIWA - Strata Property Management & Commercial Property Management accredited staff;
  • StrataMaster – Advanced Accounting & Advanced Strata Management accredited staff;
  • Extensive knowledge of Hospitality, Tourism & other related Commercial industries within WA;
  • Strong working relationships with preferred local contractors;
  • Trust Accounting facilitator;
  • Strong communication, negotiation and dispute resolution skills.

 At all times, we strive to:

  • Act in the best interest of the Body Corporate;
  • Work with the Executive Committee to achieve the same goals in the shortest possible time frame;
  • Work within the adopted strata budget ensuring that items are revised annually or whenever they come up for
  • renewal gaining the best possible financial outcome;
  • Ensure that the common property areas, buildings and gardens are effectively maintained;
  • Seek out the best quotes as required and screen the contractors thoroughly;
  • Maintain strong and personable working relationships between all parties involved.

 Please do not hesitate to contact our Strata Manager, Marianne Williamson on (08) 9192 1988 or complete you details below and we'll contact you and arrange an information pack to be sent to you.

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