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Repair Request Form

General Information Regarding Repairs

1. Who is Responsible

Under a commercial lease, some repairs are the responsibility of the tenant. If when we receive this request this is the case, we will contact you and let you know.

2. Obligation of Tenant

Under the lease you are required to notify this office of any repairs as soon as possible. Failure to report issues may result in the cost of additional damage being charged to the tenant.

3. Access

Whilst we encourage our contractors to try and call you first, this will not always happen and so if your office/warehouse is not open during normal business hours, please highlight this above.

4. Follow Up

We endeavor to have repairs carried out with a few days so if after 4 days a contractor has not attended, please contact our office so we can follow this up.

5. Tenant Repairs

If you are responsible for any repairs within the property, you can use any suitably qualified contractor you like to carry out the work. Please note that a copy of the invoice for repair may be requested to clarify this.

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