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About Us

About Us

PRD Penrith is a customer focused real estate agency which brings the right people together for the best results. 

We have a strong understanding of the local market, extensive knowledge of what buyers and vendors need and a passion to see our community flourish through our Sell, Buy and Rent Smarter attitude.

PRD provides a range of real estate services including: residential property and investment sales, asset and property management, leasing, rural property and agribusiness, prestige property and land marketing.

Each PRD office is an independently owned and operated franchise of the PRD brand. The brand was established in Queensland in 1976 and has had continued growth since it was founded.

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Naturally, as a real estate business, you might’ve already known that ‘P’ might’ve stood for property. But did you know that PRD provides a unique range of property services that extend beyond your typical realtor services, including:

  • Residential Sales
  • Property Research
  • Commercial Sales
  • Leasing
  • Property and Asset Management
  • Project and Land Marketing

Our franchise network, which includes over 85 offices spanning nationally and internationally, has a strong understanding of the local market, extensive knowledge of what buyers and vendors need and a passion for seeing communities that we operate in flourish when fostering our Sell Smarter attitude.

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Did you know we have a dedicated research team that provide specific and accurate information related directly to your project? Currently, the PRD research team produces in excess of 130 reports annually.

Our property research unit has enabled PRD to offer our clients a unique & competitive advantage through knowledge of property trends and providing valuable commentary within the media.

Our Project Marketing database holds custom reports that can assist you when making informed and financial business based decisions for market analysis. It is also a tool PRD has created to ensure our agents can draw upon collected research to get you ahead of the game.

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Did you know the Project Marketing techniques currently used by PRD were first introduced on the Gold Coast during the mid-1970s?

PRD originally evolved from a consultancy company called ‘Project, Research and Development’. This firm was created to provide developers with information relating to market trends and used research to offer advice based on objective data.

The shift in the mid-seventies from a consultancy advice role to one of active involvement in Project Marketing occurred out of necessity as the market demanded a realty company that could offer a higher degree of service and accept a greater level of responsibility for project outcomes. Hence, PRD was born.

PRD changed the landscape by identifying that the most effective way to sell a major development successfully was through a total, seven day a week commitment from a salesperson whose efforts were contained to selling that product and that product alone.

For the first time, buildings were staffed by a project sales manager and furnished display units were created – a successful strategy that is still employed today.

Currently, our team are constantly working with Developers looking to gain access to investment opportunities in our region by assisting with advice on pricing for feasibility studies, advise on designs to maximise the market appeal and to launch an Off The Plan project for sale using our unique sequential advertising, Public Relations and marketing system.

We can create unique and proven marketing strategies to ensure pre-sales targets and financial milestones are met for our clients.

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