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Landlord Information

Understanding your investment property

No one knows your investment property better than you... Learning more about your property is an important part of our appraisal process because an in-depth knowledge allows us to effectively communicate with potential tenants to increase interest in the property. PRD is an acknowledged industry leader in property management. We’ve been in the business of managing properties since 1977 and are part of a network of over 115 different offices.

Selecting a tenant

Our property managers are confident in connecting the right tenant with your property. Meticulous preparation and tailored marketing campaigns, advice on presenting your property and open communication lines keep landlords informed during the rental process. Being part of a franchise networks ensures that our property management team have the unwavering support of an efficient and well-resourced brand that is committed to ensuring landlords receive the best services available.

Applicants are fully screened with references checked including work references, previous tenancy and personal references. Once this has been completed you are contacted and given details of the applicants available. You confirm final approval based on information supplied.

Regular inspections

Your property will be handled by a property manager that has local knowledge and skilled professionals on staff who are eager to assist you with all management services. At the beginning of each tenancy a Property Condition Report is completed to ensure a thorough record of the details of your property is on file. The tenant is given the opportunity to make comments on the report. This is followed up by periodic inspections, with a report forwarded to you on each occasion.

These inspections help to mitigate and future risk by providing the tenant with the opportunity to highlight and areas of maintenance that may require attention. It also allows the property manager to check on the condition in which the property is being maintained.

If you feel unsure about the management services we provide at any time, you are encouraged to ask questions so you can be confident that you are dealing with a property manager who has the expertise and experience to manage your property the smarter way.

Open for inspection 24/7

“The secret to the success of marketing your property lies in our winning combination of Manage Smarter tactics and our commitment to ensuring that you property is exposed to every potential tenant possible, whatever the time of day or night.”

Smarter Research

On the one hand you have our on-the-ground property managers with extensive knowledge. On the other hand you have our research analysts, whose job it is to understand the market inside and out – where it’s coming from, where it’s moving to, and, most importantly, where your property sits in the mix.

We can help with:

  • Understanding rental price structures
  • Grasping the role of rate fluctuations in the market
  • Interpreting historical data and relaying it to you in a manner that makes sense
  • Tenant behaviour and profiles

Smarter technologies

With over 30,000 unique visitors to our corporate PRD website each month and marketed on our local website, your property will be open for inspection.

Our databases integrate with all national online real estate portals, allowing us to give your property maximum exposure quickly and efficiently.

We also embrace the immediacy of social media, and are at the forefront of evolving systems for knowledge-sharing platforms and reporting tools – all critical to a smooth-running rental campaign.

Smarter management

Whether you have one property for rent or are the proud owner of an extensive real estate portfolio, we have the expertise to service all your management requirements.

Our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience that comes with decades in the property management industry.

We take pride in our level of service and believe that with PRD Penrith managing your property portfolio, you’ll be able to commit your time to other business or leisure pursuits.

Smarter Marketing

We will craft a campaign that resonates more effectively with our preferred tenants. The marketing tools that we can tap into include:

  • Rental proposition development
  • Professional photography and copywriting
  • Targeted direct marketing
  • Powerful print advertising
  • Online listings and virtual tours
  • Social Media

Smarter leads

Our property managers can tap into online property information that matches tenants and owners, and give you data-based insights into what people in our neighbourhood are looking for.

We place a big emphasis on relationship management too, and maintain regular communication with qualified leads via mail outs, phone hook ups, community involvement and sponsorships.

Smarter Methods

We spend time with new tenants on your property to educate them on what is expected at your property.

All our offices are well staffed with experienced property managers that have manageable portfolios. This ensures that we can deliver a strong attention to detail and leave no stone unturned when it comes to the management of your precious asset.

We’ll handle all the small details and work hard to resolve any problems or concerns with the tenancy, whether it be rental arrears, maintenance requests or the outcome of regular scheduled inspections.

We believe property management is about helping you create wealth

PRD Penrith aims to add value over and above the traditional functions of property management. We understand your property is a significant asset and that your chief objective is to maximise return on your most valued investment.

We will focus on the bigger picture when it comes to your investment – that means working with you to maximise the potential of your property portfolio.

We will help you:

  • Understand how changes in the market will impact your investment
  • Understand the investment strategies available to you
  • Understand how to improve the yield from your property
  • Grow your confidence as an investor in real estate

As you know, an investment in property is subject to a range of financial dynamics, with mortgage, yield and security carrying equal weight at the top of the list. We will help you get this balance right so we can help you effectively lower costs and maximise return on your property.

In this industry there is nothing more powerful than experience. For our clients, this means a greater level of care, attention and a commitment to excellence in everything we do.

We will be supporting you each step of the way

Our property management team is on hand to discuss the management process and presentation of your property. We know what it takes to achieve results and our experience has helped thousands of owners and investors prepare their properties for lease.

First inspection day

First impressions last and potential tenants start forming an opinion even before they walk through your door.

We know what tenants look for, so to achieve the best possible rental yields, we’ll prepare your property for inspection.

“We know what it takes to achieve results and our experience has helped thousands of owners and investors prepare their properties for lease.”