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About Daniel

After nearly two decades of helping clients maximise their outcomes in terms of their property needs, Daniel has had a seamless transition in using his caring but competitive nature to build and mentor a high-performance team across all divisions of the PRD Penrith business. “Asking the right questions, listening to what a successful outcome will look like for the client and then developing a strategy to execute has always been my focus and what I pride myself on. That principle for me is exactly the same when I am meeting with our Directors and when I’m catching up with our team.”

Daniel craves and is an advocate for best practice drawn from a combination of within the walls he shares with the team, from the support of PRD Corporate advisers or from collaboration of having market leading colleagues across the PRD network to draw from which has international reach.

Experience combined with energy and continual learning is a great force. “Technology and innovation are passions I have but my respect of how good customer service can be delivered from those who have mentored me for years is embedded in me – although I am now a non-competitive selling agent within our team I know I can be of great value to my past clients and those new ones within our business due to how hands on I am in developing our team”

As Daniel knew what success looked like for over 1,000 of his clients since his career began in 2001, now as the GM at PRD he will view success by aligning his goals around how the team performs.

The foundations Daniel is instilling in the team are to be accountable, commit to increase skills in both business and personal life and reward effort with praise and recognition.

Know more about Dan

What three words best describe your personality ? 

Genuine, Strategic & Positiveness

How many years have you worked in the Real Estate Industry? 

Since 2001 - approaching 19 years!

If you didn't work in real estate what career would you pursue? 

Architecture - love design !

In your opinion what is the biggest highlight you would say to a visitor about living / working in Penrith? 

From a geography perspective its the access to the Blue Mountains and our River but the constructiveness of the people (locals) is world renown - go anywhere in the world and you will encounter someone from Penrith.

What is the number one experience on your bucket list? 

Roller coaster world tour with my family !

Would you chose a Sea Change (live near ocean) or a Tree Change (live in the country)? 

Tree change

Do you store your Tomato Sauce in the Fridge or the Pantry? 


Do you prefer a nice home cooked meal or dine out at a fancy restaurant? 

Home cooked

If you had a chance to hear an inspiring story would you prefer to read the book or watch the movie version? 

Read the book


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