PRD Hunter Valley

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Fraud is now a part of life

The property industry has now changed and unfortunately we need to be vigilant to protect our clients privacy and their money. We believe that you must always be at a best practise level.

In sales transaction we have now been checking ID's of our buyers and sellers for over 3 years and we have a strict policy with zero tolerance in which we will only conduct an exchange of contract if the buyer and seller can be seen face to face to confirm identification. There have been horror stories with gung ho agents selling properties for fraudsters that did not own them.

We also use two factor identification before sending any money or changing bank accounts of our clients, so if somebody steals someones identity, we will be able to pick it up before any money goes missing.

I do not want to alarm people all i ask is that you stay vigilant and limit your exposure personally and we will look after your property.