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Ailo for Owners

Great experience aren’t built on old technology, that’s why PRD Hunter Valley has introduced Ailo as our new property management system. Ailo is a ground breaking platform that fundamentally changes how your property manager works day-to-day taking care of your investment.

With Ailo, you as an owner get to stay in control. You now have access to more features and more flexibility to your money and the best part, not having to wait until end of month to be paid out, you are now able to know exactly when your tenants are paying funds and see upcoming bills and expenses, so there’s no end of month surprises with the benefits of a direct line to your property manager via quick chat!

✅ Instant access to all of your real-time balances and statements

✅ See upcoming bills and expenses, so there's no end-of-month surprises

✅ A direct line to your property manager via quick chat

✅ See the moment rent is paid, even before it’s cleared by the banks

✅ Set your cash flow preferences, including when and where your funds are deposited, and how bills are paid

✅ Nominate how you want to balance income, expenses and reporting across your property portfolio

✅ Instantly transfer available funds to your bank account, instead of waiting until end-of-month*

*Ailo uses the New Payments Platform (NPP), so you can instantly transfer funds from Ailo to an eligible bank account within minutes, instead of waiting the usual 1-2 business days

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