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The Future Of Real Estate

In this fast changing world of automation it is almost like what industry will be next to be disrupted. Will it be Real Estate? Will robots show people through homes? well that might be going a little to far so lets talk about how buyers will find their new home.

Over the past 6 months we have seen a massive change from the traditional mediums and tongue in cheek I put and in that category. We are now actively selling homes on Facebook and YouTube. In my opinion social media will be the new frontier in fact as I am writing this I am responding to Facebook messages on my phone from prospective buyers from home that are uploaded to the Facebook market place.

On average users spend 40 minutes a day on social media and this grows every year. The times are changing and we are always  trying to get our homes in front of the most buyers possible and are always looking for the next new ways to achieve better results for our clients.