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Valuable links between sport and business

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Elite Behavior Activation 

 I had the privilege of seeing Roger Rasheed talk on been a great coach. Roger has coached two #1 tennis players plus many more top 10 players and is highly sought after coach and speaker  

What type of leader do you need to be 

You have to treat all staff as equal and be willing to be first into battle 

Know your team 

Partners and family are just as important as the elite individual  

Know the number 

What do you want to achieve needs buy in from every one involved including family 

What is your next most important move 

How do you activate to build foundations to continue to grow 

Our challenges 

Your mind needs to be calm so you can believe in your self always train for the 5th set.  

The Future 

Think outside the box let team members run meetings and give team members time to breath there is more important thing than work 

It is always great to see what works in other industries and especially a high profile sport