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What I Learned from Arnold Schwarzenegger About Success

Local Real Estate identity Luke Anderson recently had his mastermind group collectively decide to bring Arnold Schwarzenegger out to Australia and they really did not think it was ever going to happen. But one of Arnold's rules is 'Have a Vision' so they put that principle to work and low and behold, the event happened and recently they spent a few days with Arnold and a who’s who of success including Michelle Bridges, Jeff Fenich, Olympic Gold Medallists Natalie Cook and Kerri Pottharst, celebrity maker Glenn Twiddle, UFC legend Soa ‘The Hulk’ Palalei and a host of others.

What many people are not familiar with, Arnold was a millionaire property investor before he made his first movie. This is the reason you don't see Arnold playing bit roles, he only played the leading man. He turned down all the lesser roles because they weren't part of his 'Vision.'

Rule #1 - Have a Vision

Arnold's rule is very similar to Stephen Covey's rule from 7 Habits of Highly Successful people, where Stephen says 'Start with the end in mind.'

As a farm boy in Austria who could not even speak English, Arnold had a vision to be the biggest movie star in America, he then set about following his other rules to make that happen.

Rule #2 - Think Big

Arnold suggests that it isn't any harder to think big than think average. When he was in bodybuilding or Hollywood, Arnold didn't just want to succeed, he wanted to be the world's best.

Even in politics, Arnold didn't run for local council or even mayor, he went for and attained the highest level possible that he could run for (Only native born Americans can be President, otherwise we would be calling him President Schwarzenegger).

Rule #3 - Ignore the Nay Sayers & Break Some Rules

No one ever succeeded by doing what everyone else does. You have to break some rules, not the law, but breaking the 'industry norms' is necessary to achieve the pinnacle of success. Which of course leaves you open to 'nay sayers'.

Any success is going to have 'haters'. Oprah Winfrey has detractors so none of us are immune. Some people just wake up wanting to complain, so let's make their day and give them something to complain about OR let's just ignore them, as Arnold says.

Rule #4 - No Plan 'B'

Don't be afraid to fail and put all your eggs in one basket. Arnold said 'If you have a plan B on some level, you are already a 'naysayer' of your own because you've accepted that the plan might not work. And by the way, if you fail, really how far can you fall. The floor's right there, it isn't that far.

Rule #5 - Work Your Butt Off

No substitute for hard work. 'It's all about the reps,' Arnold passionately mentioned. Whether it's bodybuilding and doing reps in the gym. Whether it's countless acting classes, accent removal classes (that Arnold thinks he deserves a refund on), businesses classes, cramming more into every day than most people would think possible.

And if you are sleeping too much, any more than 6 hours, Arnold's advice to you....

"Sleep faster"

Rule #6 - Give Something Back

The wage for being Governor was several hundred thousand dollars and Arnold donated that back. He gave 7 years of his life giving back and still to this day he says it is the most fulfilling job he has ever had.

"You will never be more fulfilled than when you do something for someone else"

So those are the rules that took Arnold to the heights of success in three separate and disparate industries.

We hope ‘He’ll be back’ sometime soon.