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Forms & Maintenance Docs

Apply for a Northern Rivers Rental Property

To apply for one of our rental properties, please click the button below: 

Online Rental Application

You'll need to create a free log-in, and your information will be stored securely so you can apply for multiple properties. To submit an application, please ensure you specify property manager Leigh Fraser, and email 

You will also find a link to the online form on each rental property's website listing, which will submit your application for that specific property directly.

You can also download a PDF version of our application form (below), which can be submitted to us in person or via post (PO Box 769 Kyogle).

Maintenance Request Form

Maintenance Request

Before requesting maintenance, please ensure you have made reasonable effort to remedy the issue if possible. 

Below are some handy tips that may save a call out:

  • No power - Check with your neighbour to see if it is a problem in the area, or check the safety switch in the meter box - this may just need resetting. If it trips again, it could be caused by one of your appliances. Remember: if our electrician finds your appliance is at fault, the invoice will be forwarded to you.
  • No hot water - Check the gas/electricity is working, and if electric, check the main switch/fuse. You could also try releasing the copper valve on the overflow pipe until water comes out (this needs to be done every 6 months). Check the water tap on the system is working. If gas, check the pilot light - if this has gone out, follow the instructions on the system itself to relight. 
  • Lights/power points/appliances not working - Check the meter box in case of overload. Replace relevant light globes. For ovens, some models need the timer turned on before they will work.
  • Sink blocked - Pour boiling water or drain cleaner down the sink. DO NOT put food scraps, fat and oil in the sink as it will clog and you may be liable for the cost of the plumber.
  • Air conditioner not working - Ensure the filters have been cleaned (every 3 months) as this is the tenant's responsibility. Also ensure batteries in the remote are working.
  • Smoke alarm beeping - Batteries should be replaced every 6 months. If the smoke alarm is wired in, there must also be a backup battery.

URGENT issues include:

  • Burst water service
  • Gas leak
  • Blocked/broken toilet (if no second toilet)
  • Dangerous electrical fault
  • Serious roof leak
  • Serious flood, storm or fire damage
  • Failure of gas, electricity or water supply
  • Fault or damage that makes the premises unsafe/non-secure
  • Include as many details about the issue as possible, such as when the issue began, so we are able to send your request to the right tradesperson.

Submit Maintenance Request 

To submit your request please email with the following information included in your email:

  • Tenant Name
  • Property Address
  • Best Contact Number
  • Email
  • Maintenance Required
  • Urgent - Yes or No, based on the list above

By submitting the email, you agree to the below:

  • Your maintenance will be attended to as soon as possible; in most cases, it is necessary for us to contact the owners to approve the maintenance, so your patience is appreciated. 

If your request is approved, a tradesperson (or in some cases, the owner) will be in contact to arrange a time to complete the work. Please ensure your best contact number is listed above, as if the tradesperson or owner cannot contact you, they will be unable to arrange access to complete the requested maintenance. 

If you have not been contacted by someone within 1-2 weeks regarding your request, please phone 02 6632 3380 or email to follow up.


If you are wanting to vacate your current rental property, you will need to ensure that the correct amount of notice is given.

If you are currently on a lease, you need to give at least 14 days' notice at any time up until the end of your lease, but your vacate date cannot come into effect until the lease ends. 

For continuing leases, you must give at least 21 days' notice prior to vacating. 

All notices must be given in writing. 

To give notice to vacate a rental property that PRDnationwide Kyogle manage, please download and complete the form (below), and provide it to us in person, via post or by fax.

Download the Intention to Vacate Form