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Driven Dane Adds Accolades to Collection

Driven Dane Adds Accolades to Collection

One of the most accomplished sales agents in the PRD franchise network continued his winning ways at the Annual Awards Gala Dinner recently, pocketing several more key accolades to boost his already extensive collection.

PRD Port Stephens top gun Dane Queenan picked up an individual award for the highest exclusive listings and a Diamond Sales Award for the fourth year in succession. Diamond awards are presented to agents based on the volume of transactions over a two year period and Dane has been able to achieve that status since 2011.

Dane also finished second in the rankings for Top Sales agents for the fourth consecutive time – only tipped out of the number one position by PRD Newcastle sales star George Rafty, who has taken the top award for four years in a row.

Dane is a past winner of the individual sales award, having reached the pinnacle back in 2009-10 – just two years after being named as the franchise network’s Rookie of the Year. When quizzed about how he maintains his incredible record of success in such a highly competitive environment, Dane cited his work ethic and commitment to providing the best possible service to his clients as key elements in delivering results.

“My advice to anyone looking to get into the real estate industry would be to make sure you are 100% committed and dedicated, especially in the first two years of your selling career,” he said.
“That first 12-24 months of selling is like building the foundations on a construction site. If the foundations are done correctly in the beginning, the building will stand forever, but if they’ve been done incorrectly, the building will always have ongoing issues.”

“Real estate is no different, if you structure your business with the correct foundations from the beginning, you will be a very successful agent for the rest of your career.”

“You must work hard now, to work less later!”

PRD Port Stephens Principal Bruce Gair praised the devotion Dane has shown to maintaining a consistently high standard of performance.

“Since starting at our office, Dane has always shown an extremely high work ethic and has been consistent in his prospecting and gathering feedback,” Mr Gair said. “He has a very approachable manner and has always shown respect to his clients.”

“This is evident in his high amount of referrals. Dane has worked very hard for everything he has achieved.”

Dane Queenan’s PRD Awards Honour Roll
2013 (calendar year) Ranked No. 2 PRD Selling Agent
2013 (calendar year) Highest Exclusive Listings
2012/2013 Ranked No. 2 PRD Selling Agent Australia-wide
2012/2013 Diamond Sales Award Winner
2012/2013 Highest Number of Exclusive Listings Australia-wide
2011/2012 Ranked No. 2 PRD Selling Agent Australia-wide
2012/2013 Diamond Sales Award Winner
2010/2011 Ranked No.2 PRD Selling Agent Australia-wide
2010/2011 Diamond Sales Award Winner
2009/2010 Ranked No.1 PRD Selling Agent Australia-wide
2009/2010 Platinum Sales Award Winner
2008/2009 Ranked No.6 PRD Residential Sales Person Australia-wide
2008/2009 Platinum Sales Award Winner
2007/2008 PRD Australian Rookie of the Year
2007/2008 Gold Sales Award Winner

Published on April 30, 2014



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