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Project Marketing

Project Marketing

Project Marketing is one of the cornerstones and foundations that PRD was built upon. We've been in this space for 45+ years, and have amassed a network of highly experienced project marketers based both nationally and internationally. The experience, professionalism and in-depth knowledge of our project marketing professionals is second to none.

Our Team Of Project Marketing Experts

One of our major competitive advantages is our dedicated research department that can provide specific and accurate information related directly to your project. These custom, tailored reports can assist with making informed and sound financial decisions, whilst being guided by our experienced project marketing team.

We have assembled strong development industry contacts and provide sales and marketing strategies alongside a holistic range of services, tailored to the individual client’s needs.

If you are ready to sell your project, get in touch with one of our project marketing experts today.

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Our Project Marketing History

Our winning project marketing techniques were established during the mid-seventies by our founders, Archie and Gordon Douglas. Since that time, they have been refined and expanded upon, but the fundamental concepts remain the same.

PRD evolved from a consultancy company called ‘Project, Research and Development’. This firm was created to provide developers with information relating to market trends and used research to offer advice based on objective information. To this end, PRD has always maintained a significant research capability.

The shift in the mid-seventies from a consultancy advice role to one of active involvement in Project Marketing occurred out of necessity as the market demanded a realty company offer a higher degree of service and accept a greater level of responsibility for project outcomes. Hence, PRD was born.

PRD changed the landscape by identifying that the most effective way to successfully sell a major development was through a total, seven-day-a-week commitment from a salesperson whose efforts were contained to selling that product, and that product alone.

For the first time, buildings were manned by a project sales manager and furnished display units were created – a successful strategy that is still employed today. Media outlets were engaged to promote the product to a wide market and public relations activities were used, rather than traditional advertising campaigns.

Project marketers highlighted the total benefits offered by the project; not just those of a particular apartment, but also the complex as a whole and the lifestyle offered by the city in general. All agents operating in the area provided assistance with sales and the benefits of the product were marketed to all interests that might influence the decision of a potential buyer to purchase.

Outside agents were paid full REIQ commission on all products they sold, with PRD receiving an overriding commission from the developer. It was this concept of sharing and getting multiple parties involved in marketing the product to the benefit of all stakeholders that made a real difference.

Today, PRD Project Marketing still offers specialist selling consultancy services for developers, with the flexibility and capability to provide tailored marketing and sales plans for each project.

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