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Tips To Prepare Your Rental Property For A Routine House Inspection

Tips To Prepare Your Rental Property For A Routine House Inspection

As a rental property tenant in Australia, it's inevitable that you’ll experience if not one then multiple routine house inspections. How do you prepare for them and what should you expect?

What Is A Routine House Inspection?

A routine house inspection is when your landlord, or more likely their property manager, comes to look over the property. This is done to ensure the rental is being taken care of and that all maintenance or repair issues are reported as well as fixed.

These routine checks cannot be done without you being given fair notice, the period of which varies depending on your state. Generally, you and your landlord will agree on a mutually suitable day and time, but you can check your states’ government site for the notice period.

The inspection should include but is not limited to ensuring the rental property is maintained and cared for, checking that there is no damage to the property, confirming the number of people and/or pets inhabiting the rental is not above what is allowed, and identifying maintenance issues.

How To Prepare

As a general rule you should notify your landlord of changes to your contact and banking details to guarantee you always have a line of communication with them. Secure any pets during the inspection and note down any problems in the rental that you are aware of. Ensure that you present the rental property in a fair state to ensure you are giving off a good impression.


Interior Of The Property

Check that all the lights in the rental are working and make sure there are no loose wires or fittings. Examine walls for cracks or rising dampness. If there are cracks that have been there prior to your tenancy, make your landlord aware of them so that you don’t run into surprise costs down the line. The same can be said for floorboards and carpets, check for lifting floors or general wear and tear. The hinges of cupboards and joins of shelves should also be looked at to ensure they’re in good working order, as well as handles and locks.

Appliances And Plumbing

A leaky tap can be a nightmare for your utility bill. Check all the taps and drains in your rental to ensure they are not leaking, making strange sounds, or showing signs of blockages. Give appliances such as the oven a good clean. The same goes for tiles, mirrors, windows, and other surfaces.


Check that the property’s gates and garage doors are fully functional and locking effectively to ensure the safety of the property. Give the outside area a general sweep and clean.

A routine house inspection is inevitable during your tenancy, however they’re not anything to worry about. We hope these tips have helped ease your mind when it comes to preparing for your next routine house inspection.

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