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Top Agents Top Tips For Buyers

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Buying a home is an intimidating process. Between searching for a property you love, trying to predict future value, and placing an offer on a home many buyers make easily avoidable mistakes.  We’ve asked six of the top Agents at leading real estate franchise PRD for tips on buying your next property. 

Tip 1: Know what you want before you start looking
It helps to be well prepared before you start looking for a property. Know what locations you are interested in, what style of home you would like, and which features you can’t live without. Knowing what features you are looking for will enable you to make a decision faster when you find a property that you like, allowing you to make an offer before other interested parties. 
- George Rafty, PRD Newcastle

Tip 2: Build a relationship with a local agent
Develop a strong relationship with a sales agent who specialises in your preferred area. He or she can provide additional information about the area & keep you in the loop with new listings coming up for sale. This will give you a head start on your competitors when your dream property becomes available. 
- Kate Pade, PRD Toowoomba

Tip 3: Have your loan and legal ready
Before you begin looking at properties have all your finances in place. This means having your loan pre-approved and your deposit ready. You should also have solicitors ready to review your contracts.  It may seem early, but putting off finances and legal could mean someone else snagging your dream property while you are waiting for approval. 
- Corrinne Olsen, PRD Maroubra

Tip 4: Land is your asset
Land is your asset. Size and location of the land you purchase could have a significant impact on the properties future growth. When possible, aim to buy larger blocks for possible future development or subdivision even if it means sacrificing a bit on the house, in the long term it will pay off. Obviously, you also want to try and keep the blocks as close to the city centre, transport and amenities as you can. 
- Nick Clarke, PRD Hunter Valley

Tip 5: Buy investments with your head, homes with your heart. 
When buying an investment property you should buy with your head. Be unemotional, your key considerations should be price, rental return and capital growth.
On the other hand buying a property to live in and call home calls for a more emotional approach. Price, rental return and capital growth are always important but you need to be happy where you live.
- Brad Fair, PRD Ramsgate

Tip 6: Get a verbal overview of reports. 
It's always good to get a verbal overview of a building or pest inspection from the inspector before receiving the written report. This will help you better understand the issues in the property you are about to purchase. Often when buying a second hand home, first home buyers are concerned about small issues that are present in most homes. It's a great idea to get information on what faults need immediate attention and the associated costs and not focus on the smaller issues that will only need attention years on. 
- Brigitte Audet, PRD Lake Macquarie