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Preparing Your Home For Sale

There's many things to consider when preparing a home for sale. The main thing is to present your house as a well-cared-for place with no glaring problems. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. There are some little ways in which you can maximize the instant appeal of your home. The effort and expenditure you put into preparing it for sale can be an extremely profitable use of time & money. 

Emotional decisions are based on sight, sound and smell. Your house must look attractive, the sounds should be unobtrusive and odours should be inoffensive. Below are a few easy makeover tactics to help you sell at a premium price. 

Improve the interior of your home

  • Do a complete spring clean, buy some storage boxes and get rid of all clutter.
  • Scrub walls, skirting boards, floors, tiles, windows, light switches and fixtures.
  • Repair any leaking taps or broken appliances that you wish to include in the sale.
  • Check that all fittings and fixtures are in good working order.
  • Check that doors, windows, awnings and blinds open and shut properly.
  • Make sure the kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas are spotlessly clean and there are no chipped or broken tiles.
  • Use your best linen on the beds and best towels in the bathroom.
  • Replace outdated light fixtures.
  • Clean carpets, lounges and curtains.

Improve the exterior of your home

  • Wash down the external walls and clear out the gutters.
  • Sweep the driveway and paths.
  • Keep lawns cut and reseed any bare patches.
  • Trim back trees, especially if they are blocking light into the house.
  • Weed the garden, add some mulch to garden beds and put some colourful pot plants in clusters around the yard.
  • Keep garden furniture clean and tidy.
  • Clean the windows and entrance doors.
  • Tidy up the garage and garden shed.
  • Repair the fence if necessary.
  • Keep bins out of sight.
  • Keep water features, pools or ponds clean.

Property Tips

Don't overspend: The idea is to maximise appeal without emptying out your pockets. If possible, ask family and friends to join you in a working bee that brings the property up to scratch.

Come up roses: If your garden is out of control and looks unloved, hire a gardener to tidy it up and add some hardy plants.

Make timely decisions: Arrange inspection times to coincide with the sun flooding the living rooms.

Think before you renovate: While renovating can definitely add value to a property, you can risk overcapitalising. In addition, many buyers are looking for a "Renovator's Delight". Ask your PRD Penrith real estate agent for their opinion before undertaking any major changes.