Camden Haven Property Watch Q2 2014


The following Property Watch report analyses the trends and performance of the Camden Haven residential market. It will focus on the suburbs of Bonny Hills, Camden Head, Dunbogan, Kendall, Kew, Lake Cathie, Lakewood, Laurieton, North Haven and West Haven all of which make up the Camden Haven region.

Situated approximately 350 kilometres north of the Sydney CBD and 30 kilometres south of Port Macquarie, Camden Haven is a group of suburbs known for its beautiful landscape and laid-back lifestyle. The Pacific Highway acts as the main north/south access point while the Oxley Highway provides easy access to rural NSW. There is also a regional airport located in Port Macquarie with direct links to Brisbane and Sydney.

This Property Watch report will aim to further highlight the regions characteristics, analyse the market and forecast the future trends of the Camden Haven market.


The Camden Haven house market had registered a total of 331 transactions in the annual period to January 2014 which represents a 15.1 per cent increase over the past 12 months. Median prices have also shown a respectable increase of 4 per cent over the same period. This data combined provides indication that the market is on a path of continued stability after a large downturn in 2011.

The unit market is also showing positive signs with an increase in transactional activity of 5% and an increase of 12% in median price since January 2013.

Properties under $500,000 are currently experiencing the strongest demand while premium priced properties have also been selling in larger volumes though significant discounting from asking prices is occurring in this price range.


The Camden Haven suburb analysis chart indicates the individual performance of suburbs in the region. From the chart it is clear that transactional activity has increased in most riverside suburbs while median prices have grown in the more rural suburbs.

The suburb that recorded the most growth was Dunbogan while the slowest growth was recorded in Kendall. Over the annual period to March 2014 Dunbogans median price grew 14.9 per cent while a 43.8 per cent increase in sales occurred. The growth can be attributed to higher end stock selling which was fuelled by discounted selling prices. Conversely the median price in Kendall only increased a marginal 1.6 per cent while transactional activity decreased by 16.7 per cent.

Overall there is expected to be steady growth recorded across all suburbs as retirees continue moving into the area.


Over the past three years the Camden Haven market has reported mostly steady price points which indicates stability. The biggest changes have occurred at the highest and lowest ends of the market while the middle of has been growing at a constant rate.

The most stable market was the $300,000 to $599,000 range which is the core of the market and there is constant demand for product in this price point. Growth recorded at the $700,000 plus end is due to discounted high-end stock finally selling while the $200,000 $299,999 range shrunk as low range stock pushes into a higher price point thanks to increases in demand.


The Camden Haven rental market, has recorded strong growth over recent years. At the close of the March 2014 rental period rents had registered average weekly return of $320 which represents a 3.1 per cent increase over the past 12 months.

Over the past five years the strongest growth can be found in the two bedroom market which increased an average of 5 per cent per annum. All other property types recorded growth between 3 to 6 per cent per annum.

The rental data indicates an approximate average yield of 4.87 per cent which is in line with regional trends. With the regional population expected to increase by around 19.3 per cent by 2031 and continual investment in infrastructure investors should expect future capital growth.


As shown in the table below there is currently over $500 million worth of development in the pipeline within the Camden Haven area which signals long term growth and an improved lifestyle. The most ambitious planned project is the Rainbow Beach development which is proposed to include 930 lots, 2 schools, recreational facilities and business/retail spaces.