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Decoding Success: An Interview with a 2024 REB Top Agent, Dane Queenan

Decoding Success: An Interview with a 2024 REB Top Agent, Dane Queenan

In today's competitive real estate market, success goes beyond just closing deals. We interviewed the Principal of PRD Port Stephens, Dane Queenan, who was recently named the #33 Top Agent in Australia in Real Estate Business' 2024 ranking and the #28 Top Agent in NSW.

Beyond sales figures, what qualities define a truly exceptional real estate agent?

Dane: A truly exceptional real estate agent embodies energy, enthusiasm, and consistency. These qualities have helped me build strong client relationships, maintain a positive attitude, and ensure reliable, high-quality service.

Burnout is a real concern in high-pressure environments. How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance while achieving such stellar results?

Dane: I wouldn't say I am the best example of maintaining a work-life balance because I love what I do and can confidently say that I am all in 100% compared to my competitors, I simply don't stop. The saying "find a career you love, and you'll never work a day in your life" couldn't be more true for me. However, I do prioritise non-negotiable habits for a healthy lifestyle, including daily exercise and eating well, which are key to maintaining my enthusiasm and energy. I am getting better at finding balance these days and love spending more time with my wife Carla and our four boys at our farm to recharge the batteries, I love the quiet pace when I'm there.

Dane Queenan at the 2024 PRD Awards Gala Dinner

Imagine you're hosting a masterclass for aspiring agents. What are the 3 golden rules you'd share for building a thriving real estate career?

Dane: My three golden rules are:

  1. Stay consistent in everything you do,
  2. Always bring energy and enthusiasm to your interactions, and
  3. Never stop learning and adapting to market trends.

Looking back at your career, what's the most unconventional strategy that led to a successful sale?

Dane: Keeping in mind that I started in real estate 20 years ago, the landscape is vastly different now with the rise of social media. Back then, I focused heavily on investing in my personal profile and creating a unique point of difference, which no one else was really doing at the time. Although it may not seem unconventional today, maintaining consistent marketing of my results has been key to my long-term success.

Through his unwavering dedication and innovative approach, Dane has established himself as a leading figure in the real estate industry. His unique strategies, borne from years of experience and a commitment to adaptation have consistently delivered exceptional results. As he shared his core principles, it became evident that success in real estate demands a relentless commitment to consistency, an abundance of energy, and a dedication to lifelong learning. Find out more about Dane here.



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