Quarterly Economic & Property Report Issue 3

The Quarterly Economic and Property Report is a great tool for overcoming objections based on the macro-economy. These objections are typically concerns about whether interest rates will go up, unemployment will increase or the economy will crash. All of these issues are discussed in the report.

As the most widely used report produced by PRD Research, the Quarterly Economic & Property Report can assist in establishing working relationships with accountants, lawyers, brokers etc.

The Quarterly Economic and Property Report will typically include commentary on the following macro-economic indicators:

Consumer Sentiment
Business Confidence
Interest Rates
The Share Market
Exchange Rates
House Prices
Home Loan Affordability
Housing Finance
Building Approvals / Dwelling Commencements
Time to Buy a Dwelling Index
Population Growth
Commentary always begins with a description of where the data is sourced from and how it is compiled. This broadens the appeal of the report as it allows people unfamiliar with the terms to easily interpret the graphs and its implications for the property market.