Queensland Quarterly Rental Report Q1 2013

The Brisbane rental market has experienced excellent growth over the past three years, with all dwelling types experiencing annual rental increases. The biggest increase was seen in the one bedroom unit category, where it experienced average annual growth of 7.9 per cent, followed by three bedroom units (4.3 per cent) and two bedroom houses (4.2 per cent).

The average annual growth in bonds suggests the rental market in Brisbane has dropped off slightly, with many dwelling types recording negative growth. Again, the best performing dwelling was one bedroom units, which experienced 5.9 per cent growth, followed by three bedroom townhouses, which experienced 4.1 per cent annual growth.

The Gold Coast rental market has remained extremely stagnant over the past three years, experiencing little to no growth in rental prices. It did, however, experience respectable growth in a number of different dwelling types, most notably two bedroom houses, which experienced average annual growth of 15.5 per cent.

The lack of rental growth experienced by the region could be a result of investors exiting the market as they face tough financial pressure. However, those investors willing to see out their investment are unwilling to raise rents, at the risk losing tenants. Where an increase in bonds was seen, it may indicate that investors have deemed these properties good value for money.

The Sunshine Coast rental market has, without a doubt, performed better than its Southern counterpart. The Sunshine Coast experienced annual rental growth in
almost all dwelling categories, with two bedroom houses performing the best with a 3.3 per cent average annual increase.

It is evidenced that the rental market for units has definitely outperformed the rental market for housing, with the housing rental market experiencing negative growth over the past three years. One bedroom units and two bedroom townhouses experienced the most annual growth, with 12 per cent each.

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