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Price Growth for Queensland region

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Several regional Queensland towns have emerged as top spots to watch for price growth in 2022. According to the Whitsunday Times, the hinterland regions attract big demand from capital city buyers.

 Terry Ryder of Hotspotting has deliberated that there are “standout locations” for price growth between now and March next year,
This takes into account the time when most domestic borders will finally reopen after years of lockdown. 

“We identified 163 locations throughout Queensland with rising sales activity which is the second highest result in the six years that we’ve been compiling the report,” Mr. Ryder said.
“Regional Queensland is one of the best performers in the nation with 61 locations experiencing growth in median house prices of 20 per cent or more, compared with 29 in Brisbane, 25 in Melbourne, 57 in Sydney and 48 in regional Victoria.”

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