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WATCH: 22 July, 2022 Whitsunday Weekly E-News

WATCH: 22 July, 2022 Whitsunday Weekly E-News

Hi Annette Neil from PRD Whitsunday.

This week, coming to you from this absolutely stunning master ensuite here at 32 Beth Court in Cannonvale. This is a newly listed sea view property that went up last week. I am inside at the moment, purely because its a little windy here in the Whitsundays to show you what's going on outside. Beautiful sunny mid 20s today, lovely day just a little windy outside.

This week I wanted to touch on some up coming changes to residential tenancies with new laws coming into effect in 1st October. We recently we attended some training in Mackay by the REIQ, giving us a bit of an update as agents on how to implement these new laws. A couple of things coming up such as:

  • Changes to the approval of pets in tenancies - Moving forward there are going to be really big changes there, with owners not able to have much power to say no to a pet in their property.
  • Notice periods to tenants for a property if it is sold - and if its on a periodic tenancy. Currently it is 28 days notice for a tenant to vacate, but we are going to see that move to 2 months.

Now in the coming weeks I am going to invite our Head of Asset Management - Lorna Serfontein on to these videos to give you guys a bit of an update on those changes. Lorna will be on soon to give you a full update.