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Welcome To The Whitsundays - Island Time

The Whitsundays - from a local's perspective

My name is Christie Leet and I have lived in the Whitsundays all of my life. Starting with being born and raised in Proserpine on a cane farm, to now, where I live on an acreage property with my children, Ethan, Erin, Ceyran and Kyle.  We have seen the Whitsundays develop and grow, however it is delightful to see the way our area has been able to maintain its charm and character.

Island Time has been created to bring you the very best of activities while enjoying your time in the Whitsundays.  Whether it is for a day or a lifetime, I want to make your stay in the Whitsundays one to remember, from a local’s experience and perspective.  My aim is to give you as many choices as possible to fill your time, ranging from free activities like drag-netting for whiting with the kids, an adventure they will remember for a lifetime, to sipping champagne at the 6-star Qualia resort on Hamilton Island.

I have mainly focused on the places and activities you may not hear about from the travel agents and tourist operators. I’m not saying that their information isn't valuable - quite the opposite - if used in conjunction with Island Time you can make an informed decision and truly experience all the Whitsundays has to offer. 

You may be asking, "Isn't Airlie Beach on the mainland? What's with 'Island Time'?" 

Airlie Beach is on the mainland, but having lived and worked here all my life, to me, the Whitsundays is one big tropical island experience, including the amazing mainland hub of Airlie Beach, which is protected by 22,000 hectares of National Park and 74 tropical islands.  I have strong real estate and property interests here and I shiver every time I pick someone up from the airport on their first visit to the Whitsundays. You see them convert from a stressful and busy state of mind to a relaxed Island Time state.  You can literally see their transformation and my objective is to help you to achieve this.  To me, one of our key advantages is our friendliness and interaction with holiday makers from all walks of life.  I deal with developers who have developed hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of property.   

We are not a pretentious area, although there are plenty of 5-star experiences if that is what you’re looking for. Everyone will say "Hi, how's your day?" and don't be afraid to stop and ask for advice. My kids aren't shy and they often run up to someone, particularly when we are out at one of the islands and say something to the effect of "Can I have a turn on your jet ski?’’.  I tremor. However, the answer is generally “yes”, and that's what we are all about - sharing the experience. 

I have experienced, first hand, everything I have written about (and much more).  It is from my perspective, which to a point, is influenced by my taste.  I'm a simple person who enjoys the outdoors and making every day count.  My goal is simple, 'To help make your time with us, whether it is a day, a week or a lifetime as enjoyable and memorable as you choose'.  If you would like any further information, or would like to inquire whether we are going boating and whether there is room for you - generally we are and there will be!  Please feel free to contact me on my mobile, 0407 775 488 or by email at