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Rental Appraisal

A rental appraisal of your property gives you a very good indication of what kind of rental returns you can expect. PRD Whitsunday's goal is to achieve the best rental return and to make the process easy for landlords.  A team of property manager experts are on hand to help you get started and that often begins with an appraisal. A PRD Whitsunday property manager will conduct a rental appraisal for your property on request within the first 24 hrs of contact, unless notified otherwise. A rental appraisal is based on the statistics of the current market and similar rentals in your investment area. Your property manager will provide supported documentation of the rental appraisal for your records.

A rental appraisal accurately reflects the condition of the property and is a guide to the potential of your rental return. When completing a rental appraisal, the property manager will take into consideration all aspects of your home, in particular, extras that will benefit your rent return. For example, air conditioning or a pool can increase the value of your rental return by approximately $25 a week.

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