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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length of the average tenancy?

PRD Whitsunday usually offers a 6 or 12 months tenancy agreement, depending on the tenants and the landlord. Tenancies can also be offered or 3 months, 9 months or 2 years.

If I am approved for a pet what conditions would they be?

If a pet is permitted. PRD Whitsunday will provide you with strict written instructions. The instructions would be:

• The pet may not come inside the property

• You are responsible for any damage caused by the pet, and clean up any mess left by the pet

• You must have the carpet professionally cleaned and the property professionally fumigated upon vacating the property

• A receipt also must be supplied to the office upon handing back the keys

This would be put into the special terms of the lease agreement that you are to sign

Will I be charged extra for the pet (a pet bond)? 

No! Charging a bond in excess of your normal rental bond is illegal.

What do I do if I change details?

Please notify us in writing as soon as possible.

Who is in charge of the smoke alarms and light globes?

It is the landlord’s legal responsibility in QLD to provide working smoke alarms and light globes prior to the commencement of the tenancy. During the tenancy, you as the tenants are responsible for replacing light globes unless over 3m. You are not responsible for the smoke alarm. Please notify the property manager if the smoke alarm seems faulty.

Who pays for the water usage?

Depending on the property; if there is no individual meter for the property, we cannot charge you for the water usage. However, you are responsible for any cost of the water used during the tenancy if the property has an individual water meter and has a wells rating certificate on the property. Water invoice accounts must be paid in full by the owner of the property. We then request reimbursement from you for the water usage component of the account, you have 28 days to pay this invoice to PRD.

Who is responsible for maintaining the lawns and gardens?

Unless otherwise agreed, you are responsible to maintain the lawns and gardens to the standard that they were given at the start of their tenancy.

How many routine inspections will you complete a year?

The Owner/Agent are limited to a maximum of 4 inspections in any 12 months period. You will be given a 7 days written notice.

What happens when the Tenancy Agreement expires?

The Agreement continues on a periodic agreement.  You are required to give a 14 days written notice

Can I break my lease?

Residential Tenancy Agreements are legally binding contracts. However, if you wish to break the lease agreement and vacate the property before the fixed term expires, you are responsible for the following:

• Rent until the date a new tenant takes over the property, or until the fixed term expires (whichever happens first)

• Any agreed advertising costs

• The owner’s costs of a letting fee.

Who puts on the electricity/gas/phone?

This is something you will need to organise prior to entering the property.

What happens if I can’t pay rent?

Your will need to notify your property manager as soon as possible to arrange a payment plan

When are routine inspections carried out and do I have to present?

Every 17 weeks 

No you are not required at the routine, although you are more than welcome to be present?

When will I receive my bond back?

After the property manager has conducted the Exit inspection, if there are no discrepancies your bond can be refunded with 3-5 working days, depending on the back log of the RTA

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